Monday, December 09, 2002

This is something I just don't understand. Is this a real book?

From: I, asshole

Apparently it is...a real book. But why? That's the thing we need to find out.

In the spirit of non sequiturs I thought that I would post this: spin doctors as evil anti-librarians.

I got this from unsubscribe me.

Can you tell by these brief link-y things that I'm trying to be cool and popular. 'Cause I know that those 5 page musings just aren't making me any friends at all.

There! you like me now?

This one is real tasteless! So do ya like me now (stolen from guy above).

Another cheap laugh! Now do you like me more?

For those of you who don't like the cheap laugh or won't admit to it...what about this inane but conceptually challenging humor?

Funny vibrators (she thinks to herself) that gets them every time!

For the more hi falutin' reader: Spam Haiku

Finally, I don't go for the laughs, but try to help you. Here's a way to breathe so that you won't forget to take out the trash.

A horrible story about nostril piercing.

This guy had a bad drug trip and lost his cell phone.

Just go ahead and read these trip reports. I found them all by myself.

OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE TO LOVE ME NOW...This link will help you stay pretty and not die.

Special note to el chico: Shit! They beat us to it!

OK...I just want you to know something I have so so many more of those...many, many more. Go your own way, do your own thing. I only want you to know I have them....waiting...waiting for you...


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