Friday, August 29, 2003

When Analogies Go Bad

You aren't going to get to the bottom of your strange 'work' thing most likely...but here's an analogy to keep in mind: OK. It's high school. And you think you are the ugly girl. You hide. You wear big baggy clothes. You stay at home. You don't talk. Your feeling are constantly hurt. You can't socialize. You stay in your room on the weekend and read novels and write in your diary.

You are a loser, yes. Of a certain type. But by choice. It's self-imposed loserdom.

Uh--don't forget you're not really in high school. But it is a bit of the same phenomenon. It's inexplicable--What makes some people cowardly nerds and others brave socializers? What makes one girl think she is fat when another girl who is fatter thinks she is hot?

Probably some kind of brain chemistry thing?

Wait--I'm losing the thread of this analogy...What was the point of this analogy? Oh, yeah. You behave in a way that seems easy and comfortable. You resent authority and crave invisibility. You hate risk. You perceive an external threat and act on it. But you are perhaps not the best judge of your actual situation--as hard as that is to believe.

So...uh...what is the point of this analogy? I forgot.


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