Saturday, October 19, 2002

Dream...Strange dream about becoming a widow. I was married to this much older man. I was a young girl. It was like me in teenage years with 1950's thrift store dresses. He was murdered. It turned out he had been murdered by the husband of a woman he was sleeping with. He had seemed kind and reliable but had turned out to be a womanizer and a card sharp...

Of course, as his widow I wanted to know all about him NOW. When I thought he was good he had bored me a bit. Now that he had a secret life, I wanted to know all about it. I found his house and went there. He had a friend staying there--an old football buddy from college. The guy let me in. He was dressed sort of raggedy in beige cordoroys. He had a few sticks and leaves in his afro. He wouldn't tell me much about my dead husband. Just told me to look through the telescope. So that was the first thing I found out about my dead husband: He was an amateur astronomer.

I started wanting the football buddy to make love to me. He kissed me. We were about to do more together when I woke up.


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