Sunday, November 24, 2002


There was this point in time when I wanted to be an artist even in full view of my utter lack of talent. I think it may have been because my friends are artists. Or because I used to come up with bizarre ideas and artists are allowed to realize bizarre ideas (e.g., I had this dream of decorating the Hoover Dam in some just seems so plain).

Or it may have been because it's always bothered me that so many things get thrown away. It seems like we could find a use for all the piles and piles of so-called junk our society creates. People in Guatemala never believe me when I tell them that almost every appliance I own comes from a box on the sidewalk marked 'free.'

So on my way home from school I was always putting things in my bookbag. I had this bookbag that said 'garbage' on it...I think it had an accent over the second 'a' as sort of a joke--the French pronouciation. And I really did put broken safety glass, etc. in it. I developed this habit of never walking without looking at the ground. I found a $3,000.00 pearl necklace due to this odd trait. I was about to make a mobile out of it when I realized those pearls might be real. (That's what I did with most of the junk--mobiles and collages).

What amazed me always was the number of hubcaps everywhere. If you walk around in a big car-laden city there are dozens of hubcaps everywhere. I used to take them home. My mother would beg me to get rid of the freaky collections I've accumulated.

I scoffed at her. Now I am drowning in whacky stuff. (Actually, some people actually covet my weird stuff...I give lots of it away.) Mothers often turn out to be right, sad to say. I should add, however, that I have fully furnished my home and almost never paid any money for said furniture.

In the end, I never did anything with the hubcaps. But lookie here! Now this guy shows what a lot of talent and a little industrial detrius can do.


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