Thursday, January 30, 2003

Penis Enlargement

Can someone explain this to me? How in God's name is this possible?

I suppose...with medical was inevitable that penis enlargement would be next on the list of available body-modifications.

Body modification sounds so great. I think of 'Logan's Run' where they could just point a laser at you and you could look completely different--you could look like Farrah Fawcett if you wanted. Or Ozma of Oz--where the Princess something had a collection of heads she could put on daily.

However, in our current world body modification involves people taking sharp objects to your body and cutting you in soft and tender places. Occasionally, they do this when you are unconscious. I don't know what most people's view on the matter is but I have to say: People in general are dumb and inept quite often. How is it possible for so many people in our fair nation to allow such fallible beings as humans near them with a sharp pointy thing for the purpose of cutting some of one's flesh? It seems reasonable to suppose that you would submit to this only under very dire circumstances. Life or death situations--OK, I can see that (sort of).

a 'humorous' informational site

ethical doctor refuses to enlarge anything but the most messed up penises

would you trust your penis to a group of people who call themselves 'penis pros'?

I did read one explanation of penis enlargement: Apparently, some ligament is cut which causes your penis to hang slightly lower and thus it appears 'larger.' However, it is not larger when it counts.

In other words, it's for other men. It's for the locker room? Why not just refuse to be naked in the locker room if that is your deal?

Of course, I'm being heterosexist--If it is for other men and you are gay I guess it makes sense in a certain way since visuals do matter.

I'm not sure if this explanation is correct. However, may I just say one thing? Don't do it. I hope everyone out there is smart enough to realize this is best but you never know.


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