Sunday, February 09, 2003

This is good: The best page in the universe

Above link shamelessly stolen from 'Everything Is Wrong'

One thing I've never gotten is why misogyny and sexism sometimes make me laugh...sometimes. I remember having the 'naked woman silhouette' on my car and reading Maxim magazine (and..borrowing Maxim from someone really sexist)...I don't get it...Really.

I remember making a collage once where I took the front of a 'Rice Krispies' box--the one where the three Rice Krispies guys are stirring the bowl...and I put this woman's legs sticking out of the bowl. Somehow, in that context the face of the 3 Rice Krispies guys (Snap, Crackle and Pop) looked crazed. {I wonder who thought up Snap, Crackle and Pop? It's poetic, actually. It's downright brilliant.}

Why did I make this collage? Because it made me laugh.

Racism doesn't make me laugh. Anti-semitism doesn't make me laugh. Xenophobia and ethnocentrism don't make me laugh. Homophobia and heterosexism never make me laugh. None of these blights on civilization make me laugh. (Oh, but of course when Richard Pryor and Chris Rock make fun of it I laugh...but it's different because I honestly laugh when people are sexist...sometimes but never when people are racist. No, I get outraged and violent then.)

Why does outrageous male sliminess where man asserts his perogative and control over woman sometimes make me laugh? Sometimes! Damnit! I said sometimes! Wait...shut up...I carry a gun, ya know? A nice feminine pearl handled gun in my very dainty patent leather handbag. And you aren't making me I'd be careful if I was you.

I don't laugh when some man is insecure and gets really resentful when I don't let him go out with me/sleep with me/talk to me for seven hours straight/call me all the time, etc. Ressentiment and the repressed rage of repressed rage of paley white upper middle managers doesn't make me laugh. But I do laugh when a man just blatantly hits on me and asks things like "Are you a good cook?" I guess with the idea that he assumes I'll put out but wants to see if the breakfast I make him in the morning will be tasty.

Sure, it might annoy the hell out of me. But it makes me laugh.

But one thing that made me laugh like hell was this movie called Ms. 45 where the woman goes around blowing away all the 'bad' men. Yeah, a woman's violent revenge makes me laugh, too.


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