Saturday, February 15, 2003

What Did All The Fun Boil Down To?

El chico and I went out to eat but we went to this college hangout where we used to hang out when we were young. And there were lots of young people there listening to a very bad band. We simply wanted to eat our barbequed meat in peace and then go home.

Why don't we want to go out anymore? I wondered to my lovely companion.

I mean: I was always up for a drunken night on the town. A drunken night out of town. Any kind of booze, drugs, music and I was drawn to it like a duck to a junebug. Tequila shots and blurry half-remembered walks through the streets at 3 a.m.

He was always a bit more circumspect in his drinking and smoking. Still, he never turns down a puff or two...or three.

What happened?

Then it hit me: Was it all so that we could go out and find someone to have sex with? It never seemed that obvious. Now that we know who we will have sex with we simply don't have the incentive? I still drink and smoke at home, after all.

That seems so sad. I guess what confirmed this is the whole reason for going out is that none of the girls were wearing hats and their hair looked so good but it was below zero outside.

Anyway, all that exploratory nightlife didn't really pay off big for either of us in the sex department. I think we are cute but we are shy. So it is good we found each other.


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