Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The Bummer of Outslacking the Slacker

I have a co-worker who is a bit of a slacker. He is a godsend! I love him! I used to be quite conscientious. Thanks to him I can slack more. Ordinarily, I try to match him only. However, we were working on projects and out of contact for a few days. He actually finished the project on time. I was unable to temper my pace to come in at the exact same time the way I usually do.

Shit! I outslacked him! I was sure that he would outslack me and I would finish first...Now I'm officially 'late.' I'm the last one in.

As thrilling as it was when this laid back guy replaced the uptight one (he left to make more money), he's wreaking havoc with my motivation. Laid back guy comes from privilege, natch. Hard-working dude is first generation away from manual labor and I am one generation removed from manual labor. Hard working dude went to middle range public u. in the U.S. Laid back guy went to UK U. where they make your bed for you in the morning. (Yeah, one of those places.) I am in the middle: top ranked public u. Hard working dude was uptight and no fun. He was competitive and one always had the fear that he would rat you out. Laid back guy is not exactly Mr. Discreet, I've discovered. But he wouldn't backstab you. Why should he? He's got nothing to lose.

You get the picture. Must remember that laid back guy's dad is a multi-millionaire and his mom owns some kind of castle thing in France. And temper my motivation with the realization that there is no cushion for me when I fall.

Now it's time to actually finish the damn thing. Well, at least I will see the sun come up.


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