Saturday, April 12, 2003

Something happier...

I want to think of something happier. My sweet chico is sad today because he worries about the miserable state of the world. I said to him the other day: I want to be happy. I think I will stop thinking about politics of any kind or anything serious that I cannot do anything about so I can be happy (dream on---I would have done this years ago if it were possible).

He said: "Isn't that the lesson of 1984? That you can be happy if you don't think about politics?"
"As long as we have our choco-rations we'll be OK."

Oh, he's so cute. Still, not quite cute enough. I do believe that we can be distracted from our morose lefty quagmire if we can just have a fat little baby. "These hairless, fat clam eaters were our ancestors."

My husband is just gettin' too big to cuddle. "You go up there and get me a toddler!" raising arizona toddler.wav

(Get the other wavs here)

Of course it might be cheaper to get oneself a baby substitute.

I admit that babies might be stupid.

The problem of course is what those cute stupid babies grow up to be... But not always! At least all the members of my family are cute adults. Some are even pudgy, cute adults. So there is hope.

It's too late anyway. I dream of my cuddly little non-existent offspring day and night.


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