Saturday, June 28, 2003

Childhood Dream

On excitement machine I read this link about a trailer

For some reason I interpreted movie trailer to mean live-in trailer. Duh...

This reminded me of a childhood dream I had of having my own trailer, being a writer and travelling from place to place. The idea of living in one place seemed so dull. (Nor did I want to be married. The best I would concede was marriage to an airline pilot or someone who would be gone all the time.)

I thought that I would find incredible adventures in Kansas City or San Francisco and then when I got bored, I could just move on.

Of course the trailer of my dreams was an Airstream Travel Trailer. Even back then, I knew kitchy quality when I saw it.

A site with pictures.

As soon as I could talk and people asked me what I wanted to be I said 'a hobo.' I had a little story about hobos and we used to go to a restaurant 'Hobo Joes'...

Now I realize: My dreams haven't changed that much. However, I have gotten a bit bogged down as of late.

Hobo Joe's possum recipe

Are you a hobo?


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