Thursday, June 26, 2003

Sodomy is legal!

Let us celebrate the fact that our gay brothers and sisters and more adventurous straight people (in certain states) can now get it on without fear.

I was alerted to this breaking news by open sewer.

Thank you, Jesus.

No, I really mean that! I forgot to mention that I am a Christian. (Really...actually...this is not sarcasm.)

Hard to say what Jesus would think about such specific legal things. The documentation suggests Jesus wasn't that inclined to talk much about politics and sex. At one point he did make it pretty clear that if you ignore the poor when you are rich you will burn in hell in the worst way, though. I find that scary enough without having to worry about sex too.

Maybe I too should learn from this and stop talking about politics and sex all that time?

But I personally think Jesus must be glad for the rectification of injustices. I don't have a crystal clear picture of the workings of the universe or the causal role of the divine, etc. I tend to assume that the good things have divine origins. So when something good happens I say: Thanks Jesus!

Who are these weirdos who argue in favor of the ban? Sheesh.


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