Monday, June 23, 2003

Sort of back to the internet for a bit

Just thinking about my middle sister

And how we have all these dumb little quotes and things we say when we are around each other...TV shows we watched when we were kids seemed to have become permanently implanted in our brains.

There is this one episode of Star Trek where Spock mindmelds with these plastic scurrying creatures who have minimal higher consciousness and he says during the mindmeld "Paaaaiiiiinnnnn." Apparently the creatures (which we called 'the throw up rugs') were in...yeah, pain.

We didn't have TV for many years and then we had black and white TV. So that technicolor wow of the old Star Trek truly had us transfixed. We did not have cable either for a long time so Star Trek fell on our empty and fertile minds and its utopian/humanist/cheezy 1960s perspective shaped us for a lifetime.

And how I say this when I have a headache. As I do now.

Or how I have this habit of saying: "Can I ask you a question?" And my sister always says: "If it's not a personal question." Which is from The Life of Brian. Which we unfortunately had on a tape and watched virtually every day for a year. That, and Young Frankenstein. We were depressed teenagers but we enjoyed comedy.

It is nice to be married to someone who--even though he hasn't seen the movies/shows that are part of our geeky quote pool--understands that when I lie in bed saying "paaaaiiiinnnn" I'm really joking.

Oh...I just realized my excuse of the month is one of those movie quotes...from Afterhours. Where the main character babbles something to this German s/m artist guy about not being together and he doesn't know what's wrong with him, etc. And the German guy says "lack of discipline?"


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