Friday, October 10, 2003

Or: All the yaks in Tibet!

It's kinda obvious by now to you I'm sure that I will laugh at anything. Movies I love? I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! is a favorite. "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein"... "High School High" is beloved. More recently? "Old School." I even loved "Saving Silverman." "Booty Call" "The Nutty Professor"--In other words I am not discriminating.

So yes, OK I laugh my ass off at Chris Rock and we watched "Bring the Pain" the other night. It's awful the shit he says but then lots of it is funny and the rest...I don't know. It's kinda funny and some of it isn't and I cringe.

My favorite line is designed to help white people understand why OJ got off by thinking about what they would do if Seinfeld was the defendant and the glove had been found by the Nation of Islam.

But he does make a claim that is utterly incorrect but that el marido heard on the metro the other day which is that people in third world countries don't have food allergies. Some guy saying this to some chick and her being all impressed though he stole the line from Chris Rock. Lactose intolerance is all over the world.

Did you ever wonder why Chinese food doesn't have cheese. Why can't you order egg rolls with extra cheese? Why is there no lo mein au gratin.

Some food allergies though. C'mon! If you have an allergy--a real allergy--you die and stuff. You don't develop itchy toes or inner conflict. No--You become unable to breathe.

Upon realizing this me and Chico have our own little saying: I wouldn't do that for all the cheese in China! It doesn't work quite as well as 'tea.' To say: I wouldn't do that for a non-existent reward somehow doesn't lend itself to the same tone of refusal...Still there is the alliteration factor...


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