Thursday, February 05, 2004

Guardian: Best of British Blogging

A call girl's blog...Here's the thing: Being a good writer and being a hooker just seems so much cooler than being a good writer and not being a hooker...and vice versa.

There's an analogy here with 'folk art' but it's imperfect and I won't bother.

I'm sure el chico will read her blog more than my blog now! The bum.

OK, who wants to help me fix my blog and make it look better. Lord knows I hate the look and I want this: but with bigger type. I want big type and little boxy thingies that will have clever categories, etc. It's not that I have better things to do than to fix this crummy template. It's that I don't know how to make it fabulous and if I spend the dozens of hours figuring it out I will eventually lose my job.

Baby's on the way and all that. Husband is unemployed, etc. Can't take chances now.

On the other hand if you can't help me or don't want to you can write to me and say: "It's fine, Miel! Looks aren't everything!" Or else you could write to me and say: "Isn't it weird that the plural of fish is fish?" I.e., say something to distract me.


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