Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Frodo where are you?

Yes, I was one of the geeky people who stood in line to watch "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" today. Before noon. On a weekday.

In my prior comparison between Star Wars and LOTR I was impersonating a nerdy fan

But I must now admit that I am a nerdy fan.

I could be nerdier...I could actually remember the names of the characters in the movies, etc. I am drawn in by the grand 'good v. evil' motif but must confess that I barely recall the names of the characters and usually, the actors who play them.

I never read the books. So either I am not nerdy or I am a bad and uninformed fan.

In my attempt to educate myself I began asking logical questions--like: Where do orcs come from? There don't seem to be any girl orcs. It turns out these lead to complex issues of textual interpretation.

The origin of orcs seems to be a matter of some controversy. The predominating theories seem to be that they were either corrupted humans or corrupted elves.

Some information on Elf sex...

from BA

So I spent the morning at the movies and the afternoon "researching."

I have a Ph.D. in something most people consider to be a very difficult subject...but this Tolkeinania intimidates me, man.

But do we need a Frodo? Yes. I'm afraid we do. If only getting rid of the evil forces threatening to destroy humankind were as easy as getting rid of the one ring of power. I think this fantasy is the key to my fan-dom.


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