Friday, June 18, 2004

Plain Layne Is Dead, Long Live the Layne Comment Box

This Plain Layne hoax or whatever it is fascinates me. It isn't enough that the internet connects us to strangers and makes us forget we don't know them. Or that it has created this bizarre and new method of forming friendships. It also has to produce fictional creatures that are so engaging they draw hundreds of fans?

It makes me think: What's a person? No, instead--what it is we are interested in when we are interested in a person? Well, sometimes it's what we can get from them and sometimes it's that they tell a good story (same thing, I guess). Layne, I suppose, told a good story.

I was never very into Layne but there were sexy lesbian scenes so I told me husband to check it out and he would occasionally report to me a new development. She always seemed to have something bad happen, lots of problems, her comments box chock full. Often of people with tremendous sympathy for each and every problem.

This made me realize that I seem able to have a great deal more patience for the troubled soul on the internet than elsewhere and I guess I'm not alone...why is that? I suppose it is that they don't depend on me in any way, will not call me drunk in the middle of the night and if I disappear from the face of the earth their lives will go on as before. It's so refreshing, that.

I want to be compassionate but not if it requires too much of me.

Layne however made a mark and now has a comment site.

If she turns up later boy will everyone feel stupid.

Alas, the link she had to me was a source of much traffic. This is how I first discovered her site. I have fallen into Layneless obscurity once again.

See how the internet works? It's all about me.


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