Saturday, May 29, 2004

Where did this baby come from?

There's too much to say about the baby. For now, I'll just say: We took her to the movies (several times) and she watches the movie.

She sat through 'Potemkin.' Well, most of it. She fell asleep before the end.

Why did we rent Potemkin? It's too embarassing to admit that you've rented almost every watchable movie there is before you are 40. We're down to "Dude, Where's My Car?" (arrives next week) and silent classics. We've run out of Samarai movies and are now on more pretentious foreign films.

A law needs to be passed against movies like "The Bicycle Thief." (We'll call it 'The Apu Trilogy' law.) Damnit, how depressing can one movie be? They ridicule Americans for always needing happy endings but after it was over I kept shouting "I made up a new ending! He gets a bicycle! A nice new bicycle!" I'm trying to keep to my new "mommies don't have death wishes" thing. I thought the freakin' thing would be whimsical--bicycles...aren't they supposed to be fun or something?

Mommy and baby at the movies


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