Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Reading Luis Urrea's (dare I call it a blog?) site inspired me to try to reconstruct a poem I wrote in college. Can't remember it exactly. I went through a phase where I needed to destroy everything of my past and alas that meant all my writing. Which means that if I can't remember it, it is gone.

Anyway...here was the poem. Remember! I was a freshman! 18 years old and not too smart!

Not A Universal Feeling

The flesh on my bones is the same as
Mashed potatoes
And car exhaust the same as the smell of God
No one thinks this

Sometimes A Universal Feeling

No one knows I killed that hamster
But that is why I broke my leg
Adultery makes the car break down.

A Universal Feeling

Why can't everyone love me?
I just wish everyone/someone would come along
And love me.

Gee, it's kinda sad. The stuff I'm writing here is the first stuff I've written in over a decade. I wonder what happened.


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