Monday, November 25, 2002

Bla Bla

We've all heard of tasteless jokes...but tasteless compliments? I received one: That dinner was so good it could make Gandhi break a hunger strike. Have all these books on Gandhi. Did he have a sense of humor? Yes. Forgot the crack about Western civilization.
I dreamed a whole short story last night. Girl in Cordes Junction. Goes home to visit artist mother after college. Virgin. Mother works in shed behind house. Armando is helper and she sleeps with him eventually. Annoying stepfather with smelly hair oil. Early 1960's.

Weirdest part--all dreamed in dialogue. Dreamed in written form.

Nicotine patches. Make you have vivid dreams. Too bad that effect wears off eventually.
Message to Alynda: You out there? Doing OK? I'm not sure you read this blog but since I found yours you must have at least once. I want to write you an email but I avoided my email this weekend. It reminds me too much of real life! I linked to your blog and love it and will love to read more....but definitely no pressure...


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