Friday, November 29, 2002

Current Miel Bla Bla to Future Miel (Try to remember the blog is written for me, not thee)

Nicotine patches+illness with mild fever+search for amazing web graphics=far out dreams. The pictures. Were like Kadinsky but even kadinsky couldn't have painted these. Primary colors. Harmonious but hectic design.

The internet is becoming another reality. Thought: So much is happening 'out there.' Beginning to understand science fiction geeks somewhat better.
The internet was presented in picture form as an infinite white plane filled with vibrant colored geometric figures--like double triangles. Similar to birds they were folded in the center and could flap their wings. There was also a painting with the same black/primary colors with various colors of ovals presented in varying distances.

I was watching this movie. I think the actor was supposed to be Johnny Depp. It was a mafia movie. He was in the mafia but he killed someone and couldn't bear it. Can't explain the part about what he did. I was in the movie as well. Many things happenened but one striking part was two small girls whose mother was very indifferent to their illness. I took them to the hospital. It was very difficult to get there. I had so much panic they wouldn't arrive in time. It was the '40s. The black maid tried to explain the indifference of the mother by telling me something but I couldn't listen to her because I was running to take the girls to the hospital. Of course, there were many anachronisms like disposable diapers and a Trans Am.

The blogging world was indirectly represented this way: Suddenly, I was watching the movie...The movie was on DVD. The DVD allowed you to push buttons--like the buttons you can click on blogs. However, it wasn't a sequential movie. Rather it was the story of thousands and thousands of people that were only tangentially connected. Each button was one of the characters. You could watch each character's story all the way through and when the character that was also in the movie popped up a little button would arise on the side. You had the option to keep watching the story or go and press the button and switch to the story of the other character.

I wasn't merely watching the movie, however. I was also painting. I was painting pictures with strange letters. But they were amateurish in some ways and I couldn't sell them on Ebay. [Inspired by the shocking discovery that they sell antiquities on Ebay.] However, I did make an incredible one. Not only did I make an incredible picture I made up an incredible word. Unfortunately, I can't remember it. I keep thinking 'gnomic' but that wasn't it. Anyway, it was the word for a newly invented alphabet. [Inspired by visit to 'Movable Type' site yesterday perhaps and desire to understand HTML and all the rest of that crazy web shit]

I made a painting that had an entirely new numbering system. I think it is a bit like the Mayan numbering system in that it used dots.

Funny thought just now: Taxi Driver "Who's that bell tolling for? Is that bell tolling for ME? Who ya tolling for bell? Ya tolling for ME?


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