Wednesday, November 27, 2002

"It Doesn't Matter. They still get their war."

Hmmm. Weapons inspector has no background. Oh, he S and M. Look at that man! Just look at him! That man is going to be responsible for a war.

Me: Just the thought of anyone having SEX with him fills me with terror.
Husband: What the hell is he holding? The fate of the free world is in this man's hands. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Enlarge the photo...It will be a horrifying experience. But it...

The true story about how I insulted Henry Kissinger to his face...

It was 1976. Carter's inauguration. My father was living in D.C. We went to the capital building. We were in the elevator. Two men got in. My mom whispered to our friend: "It's Henry Kissinger. And James Baker." I said loudly in a deliberately obnoxious voice "Who's Henry Kissinger?" I knew. Even though I was only 7 I liked to be deliberately provocative even back then. He said to me (always the egotist): "You do not know who I am little girl?" I said: "Sure I do. I saw a mask of your face at Bert Easley's Fun Shop!"

My mother was mortified.

A crowning moment of glory in such a young life!


Above comic from "Get Your War On"


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