Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Gee, a whole lot of people have come to visit me lately at this blog, I mean.

It reminds me of the time my friends had a party in my apartment. When I was out of the country. They told me over the phone which was lucky because when I came home my blender had mysteriously become a different blender. Apparently, they had left the original blender on the stove and turned the stove on. Seeing the alteration in my blender was a strange moment for me. I believe they thought that because of my flaky ways I would never notice the blender transmogrification.

So it just feels...strange. People around when I'm not home.

Now you might say: "Gee, Miel. That's so great! Linking to you is a sign you truly matter in this vast, dark universe. It must have been that someone said: This wise young woman has something to teach us

Or perhaps: I just don't know what it is about that Miel. Her angst seems at first like everyone else's angst. But no, it's special. There's just something...special about her.

Or: Her analysis of reality shines out like a bright beacon in this dank tunnel of madness.

Well, if someone did happen to say these things to me, they would be wrong. No, none of these people is here to see me.

I'm just a conduit to their mindless pleasure. I'm nothing to them. Simply a vehicle for something they value far more: A funny story.

On the bright side search for what the fuss was about did turn up a remarkable little film about August Strindberg talking to a floating helium balloon. Best dada I've come across in all my months searching for the holy weblog.

Thanks to desultory's blog.


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