Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Did anyone save/see this article?

It's absurdity haunts me. The Bush admin. claimed that Iraq was not cooperating because it wouldn't show the weapons inspectors where the weapons of mass destruction were...Iraq of course claims it has no weapons of mass destruction. Why aren't you showing us your non-existent weapons?

Has anyone explained what counts as a weapon of mass destruction yet? I'm pretty sure that if the Bush administration finds out there is a stack of newspaper and a pack of matches in Iraq they will claim they could cause a destructive fire.

Didn't you know??? It's an emergency!! WE CANNOT WAIT ANOTHER SECOND!! WE JUST CANNOT WAIT! WAITING IS WHAT WE DID IN THE '90'S!!! This is not the '90's. You know, that was the whole '90's thing--waiting to see if we had a reason before we invaded other countries.

And look where that got us!?! We didn't even have a major war or anything! So we know what the '90's were all about and we're not going to do that anymore...

Never mind, I found the story.

If you have real player you can watch this video...Bush says the whole Iraq thing is like a 'rerun of a bad movie'... Which bad movie would that be. It can't be Dr. Strangelove because that was a GOOD movie.

Maybe it is the re-run of a bad war....like the Persian Gulf War, perhaps?


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