Saturday, February 01, 2003

In March or April--after the war starts--compare the reaction when a bomb goes awry and kills hundreds or thousands including the reaction to the Space Shuttle explosion

"The faces tell you the time in which you're living. The government is talking about a war with Iraq as if discussing a commuter train home."

Space Shuttle disintergrates

It is heartbreaking to think of the people on the shuttle and to think of their families...who will miss them, who need them. To think of the plans they made they can't now fulfill, the promises they can't keep, the hopes they won't realize, the things they won't see. Taken from those who love them.

Please try to do the same for the people who die from the bombs the U.S. sends. They don't have to die. They shouldn't die.

(These links are borrowed from everything is wrong.)


We'll liberate you...whether you want it or not...Don't forget to say thanks! Because it sure did cost us a LOT of money!

Carve up of oil riches begins

More money to be made...


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