Monday, February 03, 2003

Now here's the thing about psychedelic drugs...Don't take them. Why? Because they are silly. Life's too serious for that. Didn't you know?

We don't have time for that sort of thing...time wasted thinking about nothing important, unproductive time, musing on imagery and sound, just sitting there on the couch staring in front of you, staring, staring, listening. Drugs would make you spend hours perhaps just sitting there and doing nothing. That would be very bad. No one should do that sort of thing in their spare time. Not unless we can sell them something while they are doing it.

But for some reason, no matter what anyone says, people take them anyway.

They might scare you. They might make even watching talk shows a terrifying experience

And yet many will testify to their uses, their life-enhancing properties. It interests me that there is a word for this--Who makes up these words anyway? 'Candyflipping.' Did someone just say 'hey, I'll call it candyflipping' and then it just catches on? I should say that this activity did prompt a visit to an emergency room in my own case but other factors were involved. (And I should also say that I was a minor at the time and haven't gone so far since. Oh, and that I got a 4.0 that semester and transferred to a prestigious university--one where everyone studied too hard to do drugs. And thus, the fun was over.)

There was a time when even the famous, the bourgeois and the shallow engaged in exploratory travels through altered states of consciousness...

And yet in spite of the puritanism that slowly gripped the country, there is still a portion of our society who likes to combine mental spelunking and brain damage with internet bonding on message boards.

And in spite of many warnings, there are those who will attest to the creative benefits from drug use.

Hallucinogens are supposed to damage your brain and yet some will claim that it made them 'smarter' by increasing reflective potential and curiosity about the universe.

Maybe thinking that you are 'outside' the social and conceptual fabric could lead to an egomaniacal lack of concern for what you do to others. While Ram Das is a psychedelic hero, he experimented with LSD on Harvard students in the 1950s without their informed consent.

But we know this isn't true of Groucho. God, who could be better to trip with than Groucho? Groucho: The ultimate tripping pal.

Still, drug use scares people. They aren't the kind of thing we should talk freely about.

Given this fear, this disapproval...It is amazing to think that drug inspired music, images and film once spread widely through pop culture.

But there are still some who want to remember.


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