Sunday, February 16, 2003

this sounds more creepy than it is...

I was a peculiarly pious, compassionate child. One might suspect I was annoying but not because I was holier than thou, etc. I shoplifted like a fiend. Once my family went out of town and I remember writing to my best friend (we'd formed a 'girl gang') "Hey, let's go shoplifting when I get back!"

Still, I would always befriend any outcast. I cried myself to sleep when the Faulkland Islands War started. How dumb, I know. Still, what did I know? I was a kid and it was a war.

I'm saying this only to defend myself because I just remembered a peculiar sort of fantasy. I had a few favorite books. Among these were Robinson Crusoe, My Side of the Mountain and some book about a plague wiping out most of the human race. This sounds sick I realize but I honestly looked forward to the possibility of inhabiting the planet all by myself. When I wasn't dreaming about desert islands and wilderness survival I was dreaming of my own city....


Even worse, I would think about what buildings I would get to inhabit alone. Ay, mi. I dreamed of turning the altar of my church (which slightly resembled a canopy bed...something that I suppose I wanted) into a very large bed. Uh, once everyone else was gone, that is.

(What reminded me of this? The site abandoned places discovered on sleevenotes


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