Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I came back to say

that I'm not coming back yet.

I realized that this shared bla bla is pointless and frivolous.

Yet this also brought the realization that this the very thing I like about it. In fact, that is why I do it: Because I don't have to; because it means nothing; because no one cares.

At the same time--although it's utter lack of significance requires me to believe it should take up at least as much time as those things which my livelihood and social standing depend upon--it's light and fluffy nature does sometimes cause it to sink under the deep and portentious.

Like now.

Don't be too sad. I have nothing of any import to tell you. Well, I never did. Plus, this can't last long because the absence of foolish time wasting is causing me to think far too much about what has become of my life...and that simply must not happen. On any regular basis.

Oh yeah: That's also why bla bla lacks a purpose--if it vanishes no one ever missed it. So no one can be sad. Which is the very reason I want to bla bla. I'd rather do something that would have no effect on the sadness of others than in fact do anything to alleviate sadness. This could involve something being at stake, counting, mattering.

And by all means that is to be avoided.

So: Did I tell you that I was stuck in traffic today? And the truck in front of me had the word 'Schwing' on it. I don't think it was the brand name of the truck. I think it is the name of the cement mixer thing. But anyway--is that someone's name? Isn't it embarrassing to work for the 'Schwing Corp.'....cough, cough.

OK, you don't get it, never mind.

Well, I saw something funny on The Onion. A quote from the man on the street part: "How many people have to die before no one ever dies again?"

I laughed although it expresses a terrifying cynicism if you truly reflect on the explanation it is funny.

Well...never mind again.

Uh...I'm going now. See you next...uh. I'm not sure when. See you next week. Yeah, that's it! Next week.


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