Saturday, June 28, 2003

Grandpa's blog

This guy (whose blog I cannot figure out how to read) set up a blog for his grandpa! Grandpa Caleb's blog

That is so cool. I wish my nana hadn't died before the blogging things started or before I figured out the internet. She would have loved it! She was totally open to everything--a poet, a thinker.

My grandpa would also be a kick ass blogger. He'd give those conservatives a run for his money. Man, my grandpa is the most conservative person on the face of the earth maybe. And I love him. He is perhaps also the most loving, giving, kind, warm, gentle person I've ever met. Except when he talks about democrats--but it is all talk. He treats every person with kindness and understanding.

My grandparents are probably the reason I try never to pre-judge others' characters or intelligence. They didn't go to college but know so much more than those with more formal education. Their politics differ from mine but they always treat and treated every human being with the utmost kindness and respect.

Well, if I can get my act together I have been planning to hook my grandpa up to the internet. I wonder if he would like it?!? I think if he could figure it out (although he's very smart maybe it is hard to figure out at first?) He has so much curiosity about the world.

I really can't wait to view all of Grandpa Caleb's video addresses.


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