Saturday, June 28, 2003

To Do List

Spunky the monkey is an organized sort...or seems so...and has this great list of things to do before you die...

This is on the list--staying at the ice hotel...

Is it OK to steal from someone else's to do list?

Some stuff on his list I did--I swam with dolphins. I swam with pink dolphins. I got a Ph.D. The dolphin experience is much more memorable. In fact, I think it might also have been more difficult to accomplish as well.

On mine that isn't on Spunky's: 1. High speed car chase with cops; 2. Spend some time in prison; 3. Massive (or respectable) fiction output--not a novel, though; 4. Fame as intellectual-type-thingy person...But only the pseudonymous kind where no one knows what you look like and cannot bug you. Can you get everyone to argue with you though--and defeat them--without being famous? My actual desire is only to defeat others...perhaps argument. The triumph of my perspective over all others. 5. Some kind of dictatorship/benevolent despot/absolute power position--preferably of the world or at least the U.S. 6. Pet monkey ownership The complexities of which I've previously discussed. You know, come to think of it I would also like my own elephant. I would like to see whether I could form a deep emotional bond with an elephant.

I'm starting to realize why it is hard for me to accomplish things. Like...I haven't even been working on that whole benevolent despot plan at all. It's easier for a man to be a dictator but it isn't impossible for a woman. It helps, of course, to marry the dictator...After that, it's cake pretty much. So I can either (a) Somehow rid myself of my current husband or (b) Encourage him in his urges toward power. Neither of these seems too promising or appealing.

But Catherine the Great didn't expect to get where she was either. So I'll keep waiting and hoping. 'Cause you never know.

This is only a small sample of the things I'd like to do before dying.

Thanks Spunky! You've given me something to strive for!


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