Sunday, August 17, 2003

And then there was the crying...

The hours and hours of crying daily.

Oh yeah, and extreme reluctance to have children. And the sudden realization that children are not really very cute. Why do people have them? Why? By choice, that is.

Husband tries to cheer her up with funny baby names: 'Exit!' 'Nissan!' 'Nautica!' He reads the sign off every store, he names each object as they pass as a possible baby name.

There are no cool male baby names. She looks at a web site. Tarik...

Oh, yeah. Tarik. That's a good name. Then: Significant stare. What? Tarik...I mean it sounds familiar. Tarik, Tarik...Where have I heard that name before. Do we know a Tarik?

Incredulous stare.

Tariq Aziz! Wait! That's bad somehow. (Pregnancy hormones have made her forgetful.) Tariq Aziz. Oh, oh, yeah.

Does this mean we can't name the baby Tarik?


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