Wednesday, August 13, 2003

When is this going to be over?

Salam Pax tells us that G got beat up by the U.S. Army.

This is G's blog. He also takes great photos and this is what got him beat up...

But could there be any possible reason for it? Beating up someone who posed no threat? If they thought he was some kind of future terrorist at most they should investigate, not beat him up...For God's sake. This is a disgusting abuse of power--one of a number that I've heard of.

Is it legal for the U.S. army to do anything they like? Are there no restraints on their behavior beside reputation and world opinion?

I can't believe Bush claimed that his administration 'freed' two countries and 50 million people. I wasn't going to mention it here it was so ludicrous. What is this view of freedom? I'm scared if this is what they mean when they claim they value freedom.

When is this going to be over? Things are getting worse and worse. It is as if Iraq has been the whipping boy for the last 12 years. Why? If the U.S. has no intention of helping Iraqis then we really must leave them the hell alone.


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