Thursday, August 21, 2003

Work is bad

I realized...perhaps for the thousandth time: I would truly rather not work...

But there are these people who tell you things like 'oh, you would be so bored' or 'at first you would love it but after two weeks...'


What the heck is wrong with these people? I remember I used to think that I was the strange one because I don't get bored.

What to know my secret to avoiding boredom? You just lie around and pretend that you're doing something... Pretending that you're doing something is far superior to actually doing something. For one thing there are no costs. True, there are no actual concrete benefits--but if you imagine you are doing something enjoyable there is pleasure and that is always beneficial. (I don't regard pleasure as the supreme good--but it is surely good.)

I think I might be too good at the 'lying around and pretending' thing. In fact, I've gotten so good at it I sometimes wonder why anyone does anything at all in the real world. What's the point when you can always imagine you are doing something. Why go bowling when you can lie around and pretend to bowl?

Of course, admittedly a real beach tends to be more vivid and exciting than an imagined beach. I realize that.

So back to not working: You can see why I wouldn't be bored. I can't see why anyone would be. I think the thing is that people don't want to think too much about the fact they have no choice...We have to work. We are not free.

Oh and then that's the other thing that really gets me when people say things about hard work and being rich. Yes, I've been whining lately about being poor. So I know some eejit is going to say: Well, if you don't work hard you don't deserve to be rich, etc.

Oh, right. Like rich people work so hard. Like anyone deserves to be rich. No one works harder than poor people. The next person who tells me there is a causal relationship between hard work and wealth is risking his or her life. I cannot bear to hear that claptrap anymore.

That's the thing--throughout the ages there have always been this small group of people who don't work and just lie around on their asses while the rest of the world slogs away. Can I help it if I want to be among those people? I so want to be among them that I don't even want to feel guilty when I'm not doing anything (which is often the case now). Is that so bad?

OK but now I have to go back to work...or take a nap perhaps. Or what have you.


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