Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The baby appears to be an orthodox Jew of some kind

And is making me keep kosher. It isn't only physical--it's mental. I knew from experience that I can't handle pork and so I ordered chicken egg foo yung. But I got mixed up and ate a bit of my friend's pork egg foo yung. And it wasn't a physical thing only--it was a mental thing. I couldn't get the horrid memory of it out of my mind. The same thing happened with spider rolls (soft shell crab rolls are ones of the only kind of sushi I can have since you aren't allowed raw fish). They tasted so good and yet I had these regrets for days.

So far I know these things: Whatever this creature is it apparently really likes juice, wants kosher and wants me to be rich--since getting pregnant I have become obsessed with being rich. The desire to be rich (which I've never had) was my first symptom of pregnancy.

My husband doesn't like it when I call it 'the creature' or say in a scratchy scary devil voice things like:
It wants limeade...

I'm also not supposed to call it 'the stupid baby' as in "I can't have sushi because of the stupid baby..."

Later I'll explain how I'm really a nice mommy and all the rest and eat 9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day...But c'mom! I'll have to be so good from now on! Let me have a little fun...


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