Friday, October 10, 2003

New Lite Bla Bla With 50% Less Politics

As I said I lightened the political bla bla because the more I wrote the more insane I became...and the amount of time it took to vent in writing what I was thinking almost jeopardized my continued employment...

However I want to quickly mention an insight I had this morning after only 3 hours of sleep that I hope you will pass on to the Democratic party and their lame ass strategists.

OK, lame ass strategist (LAS) you believe: The country leans toward the right. The dems can only win a presidential election if they appeal to the 'undecided' voter. However, this voter is really almost a Republican. Therefore, to win a presidential election the democratic president also has to be almost a Republican. While 40-45% of those voting for him are in fact true democrats the extra 10% or so you need will be Republicans and therefore the party must be tailored to accomodate this 5-10%. The rest of those who vote...i.e., the vast majority of those who vote for the candidate...are trapped and have no choice and will take what they can get. Hence, they will vote for your almost Republican over the actual Republican.

(I leave aside for now the absurdity of in fact using your own party to pass the other party's agenda....But if Nader is partly responsible for Gore's loss and what Nader said about the two parties being the same was completely stupid on a deeper level this is the reason people believed him.)

However, this is what is true (it has been obvious all along however California has just made this clearer): The undecided voter...the 5, 10, 15% is not almost a Republican. The undecided voter is just extremely stupid. When they did shows with undecided voters last presidential election this should have become quite clear...

You don't need to bother to become Republican to catch this wily but adorable voter--no, you have to appeal to the base nature of the stupid...I.e., all you need to do is tell them to vote according to (a) their resentment of others (b) their childish selfishness...and you can win without changing your party line!

Um...Oh. Oh, OK. Maybe to tell them to vote this way you do have to be Republican after all. Oh well.


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