Tuesday, February 24, 2004

If you know why, let me know

My current prediction is that they're going to catch Bin Laden very soon. It's not going to be easy to take him alive but I guess he can't kill himself because that would look chicken. And they need him alive to display him to the world so they won't kill him if possible. He might try to do a suicide bombing but you know what? Those old guys--they never do it, do they? They just send the kids out.

So they'll catch him and he'll be alive...and God, it will be so annoying. The rhetoric will make me gag and retch and I'll be in a constant state of irritation except that I'll be a new mother and unable to read the newspaper or check the web for news. I might have to listen to the radio sometimes. I only hope my milk won't go sour.

Night and day. Night and day. Every little detail. Then the ultra lame analysis about what this means for the future....of the election...of terrorism...of humankind.

I'm really tired since I only sleep about 2 hours a night these days so I'm having trouble figuring out why it will be so annoying. What is it about the frenzy and the jubliance and the 'seriousness' that will drive me mad, mad I tell you? I don't have an analysis yet.

If you can explain it better than me, let me know.

I've been finding old magazines at the gym. It's very eerie. It's strange when they are pre 9/11 or when...like the New Yorker published on Jan. 22 or thereabouts...when they discuss how the Bush Administration might feel the need to go to war in Iraq. 'Cause Iraq is so dangerous and all.

But it's very depressing when it is right after 9/11 and we read about how we're all changed forever. We'll never be frivolous again. Not only will boobies not pop out during football games but we won't want dancing girlies with boobies at football games! No sirree! And if we did...we, the media...we're just so sorry that all we every talk about is stupid stuff. Now we know better. Now we know there's a world out there with many events that might impact our lives. Now we know that life is short and inflated obsessions with scandals and fluff is only wasting the few precious years we have left.

We may have football again...but only once in a while. And along with our football we'll have long discussions about literature. We'll have art. We'll also try to eliminate the suffering we see around us. We'll invite the bums and the poor to the game and give them free hotdogs just to see them smile.

And as for the capture of Bin Laden and the impact it will have on the world...what will the future be like now that we have captured the evil Osama? How will this change everything? A: It won't. Not all that much. And never the way anyone thinks.

You heard it here first people!

Cheer yourself up with some good writing

Weird habits update: I incessantly scratch my arms, hands, back but try only to surreptitiously scratch my boobs. Which itch like hell. Well, when I'm at the gym I scratch with impunity 'cause it's an all women's gym. I know all that scratching must make people uncomfortable (especially when it's my belly) but I've just become so shameless.

Is this shamelessness one of those hormonal things to prepare you to whip out your boob in public whenever baby cries? I've noticed I'm extra squeamish about germs or anything unsanitary--which I took to be hormonal. Since I'm far from microphobic.

Now I find that I absent mindedly stroke my nipples when I'm reading or musing around the house. OK, that's kind of embarassing. (I am alone but worry I might do it in public if I forget.) Why am I doing that? I have no idea. They have become extra buttery soft lately but still. But the worst part is that nipple stimulation can bring on labor. It's worse than nail biting. Gotta keep my own hands off my tits! Never thought I'd have this problem.


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