Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Et tu, Amazon?

The funny thing is that before you have a baby this is what you hear: Your life is going to be so hard, difficult, may even find yourself becoming mildly psychotic...etc.

Oh and then they say: "But it's going to be great!"

Gee, thanks.

I won't link to the recent mothers here but these predictions seem as if they might be true.

Consequently, I am terrified. Whenever I feel the slightest ping or pang in the belly I say: NO! NOT YET!

I am having difficulty understanding why people have children and for the life of me I cannot recall why I did such a thing except there was this moment I thought 'oh, what the hell.'

Is there a reason?

But now Amazon is putting this sort of thing on my recommendation list.

Book about horrors of motherhood

There were tons of these but I lost the list...

It creeped me out: Are they reading this bla bla here?

I know the real reason in fact is that when someone buys a book about 'Baby's First Year' or some such crap...they know another book you will really like! Yeah, the book that tells you how not to kill yourself.

Oh, and they were also giving me little blurbs for anti-stress and depression pills. Quite appropriately I should say but damn if I would buy these books...What am I, crazy?


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