Thursday, October 31, 2002

I have gotten so far away from the main theme of this which was supposed to be TIME, CHANCE. To cure me of my irrational belief that I have infinite amounts of time, that time is not limited, and that I should make no decisions--leaving everything up to chance.

Well, what the heck. A little bit of Schopenhauer:

That which has been no longer is; it as little exists as does that which has neverbeen. But everything that is in the next moment has been. Thus the most insignificant present has over the most significant past the advantage of actuality, which means that the former bears to the latter the relation of something to nothing....

Every moment of our life belongs to the present only for a moment; then it belongs forever to the past. Every evening we are poorer by a day. We would perhaps grow frantic at the sight of this ebbing away of our short span of time were we not secretly conscious in the profoundest depths of our being that we share in the inexhaustable well of eternity, out of which we can ever draw new life and renewed time.

You could, to be sure, base on considerations of this kind a theory that the greatest wisdom consists in enjoying the present and making this enjoyment the goal of life, because the present is all that is real and everything else merely imaginary. But you could just as well call this mode of life the greatest folly : for that which in a moment ceases to exist, which vanishes as completely as a dream, cannot be worth an serious effort.

from Essays and Aphorisms


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