Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I tricked the gender tester

Thus, this is me.

Rather than doubting their absurd test...They have decided that I am a freak of nature.

The test guessed with 93% confidence that I am a man...It said "you are definitely a man."

The thing that seemed to flip out the test was the way I guessed a question about a male porn star's name. "Jack Black" or "The Slot Machine." But Jack Black is already someone's name. And 'The Slot Machine.' What a good porn star name!

Duh. Oh, and I want a white rather than a blue bedroom. I hate blue!

Johnny Cash would be so happy to know--- I walk the line...the scary line

They said:

"You know, for every question, we track very carefully what each gender answers. This allows us to guess with the utmost accuracy what you are. And in the rare case where we guess incorrectly (like now), we have the opportunity to learn from nature's mistake. You.
People like you, who walk the scary line between man and woman, are *very* helpful in understanding exactly what it means to be human. Thanks, and good luck."

Heh, heh. Yeah man. I hate blue and I'm a gender outlaw.


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