Friday, November 29, 2002

OK you people I know what you really want...

Yes, OK. I write for me and not thee. But look below. This is all the links I got. So ya want links, ya got links.

Skim to the bottom my blogpal 'cause the following bits just for me:

John Donne Meets Martin Scorcese

I've been kind of freaking out lately when I hear that church bell by my house tolling because every time it tolls I think 'Jesus. I'm going to die.'

Yeah, I hear the fucking bell tolling softly. I hear that bell. Sure, I goes to church. Because the church is in charge of us all and father whats-his-name he forgives my sin. I give lots a money to the church because I know that God...He's in charge of us and when the boss says to do something you just don't ask, you do it. So when that church bell is tolling I'm thinking: That bell is tolling for me. I could say to myself--it's tolling for someone else. But I'm smart and I know that it's tolling for me.

I say to myself: Who's that bell tolling for? Is that bell tolling for me? Ya tolling for me bell? Who ya tolling for? Ya tolling for me?

Because no man is an island motherfuckah. We think what we do don't matter nothing to nobody but if one of my boys is killed that affects me. I go to his house, I give his widow some money, I know that it affects me. 'Cause I know we all got afflictions. We all got tribulations. We're all out there trying to hustle up some money but when it comes right down to it we're all going to die and no money is going to stop that. So you just put yourself in God's hands my friend and hope that it doesn't come down to that. When it comes right down to is you can't trust nothing and no one in this crazy world. God's your best security and don't ever forget it.

Jorge Luis BorgesMeets Quentin Tarantino

Mr. Pink: Hey man, you ever think the universe is like a library. Like a big fuckin' library. It's totally vast but like normal size bookcases and the bookcases are all, like, identical to each other except for this big ass mirror that reflects everything. But because of the mirror you think it's not infinite. Because they're kind of trying to trick you with that mirror. The mirror makes you think it's not infinite because if it truly was infinite they wouldn't use the mirror, see? But it's just a trick. They use the mirror even though it is infinite.

Mr. White: What if I have to take a crap? Does this infinite universe library have a shitter?

Mr. Pink: Yeah, man. It's the universe! Of course it has a shitter. There are these little closets. One for sleeping and one for satisfying your fecal necessities.

Mr. White: I traveled a lot in my youth looking for drugs. I took some serious mystical shit out there. One time I imagined I was dead, and I was falling but my fall was infinite and I thought my body was even sinking and decaying right there. And I was just dissolving.

Mr. Pink: What the hell were you on?

Mr. White: It was ecstasy.

Mr. Pink: The way I imagine this universe idea is that it is eternal. We're not the best librarians. We're just trying to write it all down but we just can't. Everything you can imagine is in the library. Ever single language. The librarians are always trying to figure out the library and they just can't figure that shit out. There's all these weird symbols and shit and they try to figure it out and since the library is eternal they just have lots of time to figure it out. There are all these languages and they try to come up with theories about the languages because the library tells the future too, man. You can find out when you are going to die and shit.

Mr. White: So like the librarians are just trying to figure out some mysteries and they just can't do it? They just start to give up because it's just too fucking hard?

Mr. Pink: Yeah man, cause language is totally weird shit man. What if I said "dhcmrlchtdj". That could mean something. In the library it does mean something. But for us man, it don't mean shit.

Mr. White: That's some weird shit. So are we going to kill this guy or what?

Mr. Pink: Yeah, but doesn't it make it all so much easier to think about how everything is just going to be the same whatever we do and it's all just an infinite order we can't do nothing about? You know what I think? It's all just repeating over and over. I hope that's what's going on. We're just going back and forth through the library and when we've gone through the whole thing it just starts over again.

Mr. White: Yeah, and after we finish with this let's go get a cup of coffee and some pie.

But that's NOT WHAT YOU WANT is it? You want links, don't you? Well, OK I GOT LINKS

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So?? Are ya happy? Don't say I never gave ya nothing.


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