Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Self Help Books I want to write. I know...I said I would write about death and plastic next.

But I was just remembering my plan to make millions writing self-help books...If only nanowrimo was nasehwrimo--national self help book writing month. Then my plan to make millions would begin to take shape.

I remember one title and the rest have slipped my mind (for the moment)...It was: Why Are People So Bad? Actually, that was the title I wanted to use for my dissertation.

Oh yes, the other one: Work Is Bad!

It's a book to help people work as little as possible and still survive. Not that I know enough about that. But I don't think that matters in the self help world.

I thought it would be MUCH more shocking in America than a book about sex, violence and what have you. To tell people not to WORK. Wow. I'd at least make it on Sally Jesse...Oprah--no. She only goes for that positive stuff. Alas. How I would love to be on Oprah.

That was one of my possible career plans: Become a talk show host(ess?).

I would be incredibly good at it. But what are the steps one takes to become a talk show hostess? Don't say: Be in the movies or on a TV show. There has to be a better way. Must do more research on Oprah's path to host-dom.

So perhaps that could be one of my major life goals (MLGs): Get on Oprah. Somehow...someway. I remember she once had a show on how we should drink more water. That could be a zen koan almost--Why is getting on Oprah is both so easy and so difficult?


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