Saturday, December 14, 2002

Explanation for this week's excuse...

As the brilliant and quite libidinous Zarathustra was excoriating me for the removal of my comments I realized that it might not be clear how useful the excuse 'Hey, the Romans did it!' is in both in the political and personal realm.

Sorry I didn't explain only have 3 days left now to use this excuse.

What situations are appropriate for this excuse? It excuses (a) orgies (b) overspending on home decor (c) imperialism and the exploitation of other countries (d) giving too much power to the executive and impeding democracy (e) overeating (f) denial of full rights to those who contribute to your country through labor, culture, etc. (g) the claim "We're #1!" (h) overemphasis on entertainment--and entertainment that leads to physical harms (such as boxing) (i) cruel treatment of animals (j) talking too much (k) crazed nationalism (l) extremely stark class relations

Well, there's a lot more too! So use this excuse today!


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