Friday, December 13, 2002

I wanted to be 'different'

I wanted to be 'special'

I didn't want to be like those OTHER know the know the ones I mean. Don't you? I thought I could maintain my integrity, I could remember who I was and what I stood for...and then show you...all of you--my special, inner self.

Well it just didn't work.

I want you to know something though: I'm not going to pander much longer. OK, I'll pander a little bit now and again. It might be hard to stop my pandering. I'm entering into the 'culture.' I'm becoming one of them.

Don't be offended. I'm sure you are not them.

We never ARE them. Didn't you know that? It is logically impossible for us to be them.

OK, that was a long preliminary to say: I HATE NPR! I FUCKING HATE IT!

But if you listen to NPR...that's OK. I don't hate you. My mother listens to NPR and there is no one I love more than her.


God, I hate NPR. I HATE NPR. I can't give you any examples of how stupid NPR is because I don't listen to NPR anymore (see above).

Why? Because IT IS STUPID!

Oh, and I want you to take a look at this link because it is about how our freedoms are quickly eroding, such as they were: homeland drifter's links about how we are all under surveillance.


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