Monday, December 16, 2002

More Lies Exposed: Sleep--You don't really need it...

I'm so tired of being guilt tripped into feeling guilty about not sleeping! OK, so sometimes I only sleep for an hour or so. And lots of times I sleep for 3 (4 seems a lot). I don't take naps.

Everyone wants me to feel guilty about this. And it used to work! But not anymore...Why should I feel bad? What's so great about sleep anyway?

Wait...what was I saying...I can't remember...

(OK, sometimes I do this--yes, sometimes I forget the day, the month, the season of the year, my own name, etc. But I feel great today. After 75 minutes of sleep. You know what works the best? Amphetamines! No, not really. Actually, I used post-hypnotic suggestion (really). I lie down and then I say to myself: You are not going to be tired today. And it works. Well, I'm never tired--that's a big reason why I don't sleep. But what I mean is--I'm going to be able to focus my eyes on people when they talk to me and not worry about how long that hallway looks--did it grow somehow?-- or how many hours the interval was between the time someone asked me a question and the time I answered, or fall over suddenly and inexplicably.)

But darn it all...I'm just sick of feeling guilty for not sleeping like a 'normal' person. Of course the government and the powers that be want you to sleep a lot! Sleeping people are no threat to them. While you sleep, they plot world takeover (Of course, they already took over but they plot to takeover MORE than they already did).

I'm telling you--you don't need sleep. You really don't need it. All that shit about 8 hours a night is a LIE.


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