Sunday, December 15, 2002

When I was coming home from the gym today...

I saw a flash of light throught someone's window...Their living room was bathed in a cheery multi-colored light and I saw from the flash of imagery through their window: The Simpsons were on...Alas, sometimes a girl needs TV. I felt a pang of sadness.

Also, I remembered last week at the gym there was this movie on with Debby Harry as a madam for high class call girls. Did I watch the end? No...I will never know how it ends...Never. Unless by some incredible streak of luck the end plays again one day when I'm at the gym or at my parents' house.

The dialogue (which I had to read through those subtitle things for the deaf because my walkman's batteries are dead) seemed truly brilliant. It was better than Dangerous Liasons...really.

Thus, I turn to the internet for entertainment. Am I really 'saving myself' from mindless time wasting by not having TV? Well, I was until I discovered blogging.

Still, some joy is to be found here...and TV just made me sad. The things I read on the internet often frustrate and enrage me which is a more 'active' type of state. It has at least that advantage. (I gave up reading the New York Times because its occasional stupidity used to drive me mad but I've fallen off the wagon and I'm reading again.)

Of could say: Why not just forego mindless entertainment altogether? I will...someday I will...someday I'll really face reality in all its cold ferocity. I'm not ready for that yet.

And the internet always reminds me delightfully of the mystery, the diversity, the whimsical nature of modern culture. TV so rarely does that.

For example there's this Crazy Japanese movie where cats turn into giant penis heads

from buffoonery (B. also has a cute thing there 'when office supplies attack!

Boy B is just filled with juicy tidbits like the man with the smallest penis in existence and the electron microscope technician that loved him. It's a wonderful but unfinished piece of dark comedy. Episode 3 does not debut until tomorrow. How I'll find it I'll never know. Another thing I won't know the end of. Shucks.

And also look at B's cool photos...

Found this bonanza via I, Asshole


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