Saturday, December 14, 2002

Please say you didn't listen to me?

I hope you didn't listen to me and get quicktime...because then you'll find these videos (like the 'Brings Tears To Your Eyes' on the WTO protests)

And there's some really sick stuff nearby if you search around long enough

But don't watch that. It's bad for you.

Quicktime is evil. Watch the Bilbo Baggins movie. The girls are really pretty.

Oh wait, I've been advocating a refusal to use the word evil in casual conversations.

Wait! Maybe the 'axis of evil' was like that kind of ironic exagerration? Maybe that's it! Is their mysterious 'theory of evil' now solved?

And now...President Clinton's final days are on this page...It actually made me sad kinda

Shit! I'm SO late. I thought this wouldn't happen if I got rid of the TV. Damn quicktime.


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