Thursday, December 26, 2002

My hypocrisy...

Here I sit trying to make up excuses. Like I'm just laughing away while trying to beat that bad ol' world that tells me what to do.

But the question...'Why can't I merely rest easy as a person who is trying to do as little work as possible and still appear to be a hard worker who is very successful' arises.

Again. And again.

Here are some possible answers
(a) Even I, the most irrational person I know, realize that I may not get away with it. The likelihood is that I will not.
(b) Work is good.
(c) I am afraid of wasting my whole life doing weird-ass things like writing in blogs and looking for strange names in phone books and reading the NY Times cover to cover and reading out of print books of short stories.
(d) I tend to be racked with guilt for no reason
(e) My mind is often on those people who suffer and slave and don't have it easy. I owe it to them not to be a goldbricker.
(f) All of the above.


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