Friday, December 20, 2002

Strange coincidence...

Unfortunately, in spite of our months and months of mall avoidance...we did finally have to go to the mall. It was a nightmare but we did have an amusing incident.

In the dressing room was a young cute boy. He helped me find the right size. Later when I was leaving I saw him outside and he said 'are you still here? I was just waiting out here to ask you to the movies.'

So I flashed my wedding ring and said "Sorry. Can't. You are cute though." And he said "So are you. Extremely."

I admit I used to be both perplexed and flattered by the fact that men under 23 hit on me the fact, they are the only ones. They stare at me with desperate longing, etc. Then I remembered why: They are under 23! Anything looks good to them! Oh, well.

Anyway, wanting to let my spouse know I still got it I told him...A smile crossed his face. Apparently, while he was waiting for me someone hit on him as well. She came up and starting chatting him up. He told her he (claimed it was 'we' but I'm betting it was 'he') was going to Paris for Christmas.

She said: "I really wish I was your girlfriend right now."
He said: "I don't think my wife would like that."
She: "I said...I wish I was your girlfriend."

According to el C she was really, really hot.

Some hussy tried to steal mah man!

He claimed she didn't want to steal, but just borrow and she would give him back later. But I told him that this was the same as eating after a sibling who licks your food--who wants it then?

But I one-upped him with the haircutter last night who when I asked him if I could show him the Victoria's Secret catalog for the haircut I want said "Are you in it?"

Hah! Two for one...

Anyway--El C redeemed himself with this comment--"Hey, Trent Lott didn't succeed in keeping his fraternity from integrating but he did get to grow up and belong to a club that is almost completely segregated (99 white, one Native American)."

And by God--guess where all this happened? Old Navy?!? Yes, there's sex in the air and everywhere there at Old Navy. Watch out wives and don't let your husbands shop there alone.


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