Saturday, December 21, 2002

Osama Bin Laden's message directly addressed the people of the United States.

Kinda like the Unibomber. Osama Bin Laden has a theory. This is so strange. He argues for his positions. He responds to objections to his view. He considers alternative positions (well, a little bit). It's as if he is trying to persuade. Naturally, U.S. citizens aren't his target audience...I can't really explain it but...the fact that he actually presents political positions in light of what others might say truly is overwhelmingly strange and frightening to me.

Yet, it makes sense doesn't it? Why do I find this so shocking? It is obvious that he would justify his actions...Too bad I can never be serious on this blog. I'd like to write a serious letter to Osama Bin Laden in response to his letter to 'me': "Don't kill us! All that stuff about freedom is a lie anyway!"

See, what did I tell you? Let's bring back the monarchy and then this sort of problem would not arise.

I got this from Gary Farber's amygdala blog. I enjoyed reading his comments


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