Sunday, February 16, 2003

Scratch that last thought...

What I was talking about: You know how someone can get a measly amount of power and become utterly tyrranical in that sphere?

Suddenly I was worried about what grade school teachers and social workers would think about what I said and realized how dumb it was. I'm sure we're all aware of people--even in these good professions--who, when they have others in their sway--forget about the basic equality of all human beings and resort to controlling others.

I was wrong, though--since this only happens to some people (most teachers, social workers, some politicians--very few--I'm not too sure about CEOs) remain decent even when they have the greatest effect on the lives of others.

So it must be something about the ones who turn creepy in the first place. Perhaps there are some positions which would corrupt anyone? Still, those who are corrupt were most likely prone to corruption to begin with.

I was making fun of myself. I cannot justify my underachieving ambivalence by pointing to the high moral ground. Still, it was worth a shot.


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