Friday, March 14, 2003

Don't be offended

if I say right here and now that this shit we write really doesn't matter...
Not just in the sense it's a hill of beans in this crazy world
But in the sense that it's not worth getting worked up over.
I mean, mostly, me. What I write. But also I mean: Lately, I've been reading things on these fucking forums that would get me truly annoyed...Except I take a breath and remember: My bla bla don't matter. Nor does their bla bla. In fact, I'd be willing to say...that the ratio of insignificant bla bla to significant bla bla is a million to one.

Now, you take a lot of frivolous, pointless things and you add them all together. Maybe as a whole they carry some weight. Or maybe not. Add up all the pieces of kleenex in the world, used and unused...add up all the TV guides ever published, combine that with every technical manual written between 1940 and 1986. They still lack significance. It's not worthless, strictly speaking. It's simply that if they never existed there would be little to mourn.

Surprising that one could ever forget that. Now I know why people devote their lives to building model trains and collecting beanie babies and trolls. Going to Star Trek conventions. It's all making sense now--and that's good because I've always been so puzzled by that kind of thing.

Uh-huh. That means someone I link to. Some of these people I link to write stuff that is annoying as hell. I take comfort in the thought that what they said annoys me but people who walk very slow and kind of weave around on the sidewalk so you can't pass them also annoy me. And it would be foolish to get worked up over an object merely because it has the effect of being wrongheaded, inconvenient and downright irksome.

No, I don't mean you. Oh, honey, no. You I love. No...It's them. Don't they bug you too?


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